What to do after my registration?


After we have approved your application, you will receive the invoice by email (sent by noreply.sap@ugent.be). As soon as the invoice is paid, your registration is final.

If you register less than two weeks before your course or test, we ask that you make payment no later than 1 business day after receiving the invoice. Please use the structured reference as stated on the invoice.

If you pay via a foreign account, please send proof of payment to betaalbewijs.uct@ugent.be no later than 1 business day after receiving the invoice. If you cannot use the structured reference, please include your name and the course you are paying for.

UGent account

After your registration, you will receive an email from no-reply@ugent.be. Click on the link in that email to activate your UGent account. Via this account, you will have access to

  • your personal UGent email address: go to owa.ugent.be or webmail.ugent.be and log in with your UGent account
  • Ufora, the digital learning environment of Ghent University
  • OASIS, the student platform where you can register and find your registrations, results and certificates

Information about your course will only be sent to your UGent email address. Are you having trouble with your UGent account? Or did you not receive an email to activate your account? Contact the helpdesk.

Course materials

Is your class on campus? Is your class online?
You will receive your course materials from your teacher during the first class unless you need a commercial text book. You can also check this on the page of your course on this website.

You can collect the course materials in the registration office of the UCT (Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 136, 9000 Gent) (*) unless you need a commercial text book.

You can also check this on the page of your course on this website.


Is your class on campus? You can find your classroom on the page of your course. You can find more info about (where to find) our classrooms in our FAQ on classrooms.

Learning platform Ufora

Ufora is the digital learning platform on which you will find all information you will need during your course (such as course schedule, class notes, extra documents, etc.).
Not familiar with Ufora yet? You will find more info about the platform on our FAQ page on Ufora.

Is your class online?

The UCT organises online classes via the digital learning platform Zoom. The platform is very simple, user-friendly and interactive. You can only follow the classes live. There will be no recordings of these classes.

You will find more info about how the online classes work on our FAQ on online courses.

Final result

In the last class, you will take a final test. Are you curious about the result of your test? Go to Oasis, log in with your personal UGent account and check your result. You can also find your certificates there. You can find more info about this in our FAQ on results and certificates.

Follow-up course

Interested in taking a follow-up course? Check our offer and register as soon as possible for your follow-up course because places are limited.
For our courses of the first semester, you can register as off mid-June, for our courses of the second semester, as off mid-October and for our summer courses as off mid-March.
Keep an eye on our website for the specific start date of the registrations. We already look forward to welcoming you again in one of our courses.

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