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Faculty of Law and Criminology students (2nd bachelor and up), students taking a law-adjacent elective and anyone professionally active in the field of law.

Objectives and content

This course teaches participants to read, independently process and write French texts but also focusses on speaking skills in a broad legal context. Legal doctrine, jurisprudence as well as legislation are dealt with. The legal texts and themes have been selected in close consultation with professors and research assistants. On the one hand, your reading skills will be further developed by making use of authentic texts (e.g. decrees, contracts, etc.). On the other hand, your writing skills will also be enhanced. You will learn how to write correct French texts paying attention to style, register, coherence, and grammatical correctness. You will also acquire broad legal vocabulary by making use of extensive vocabulary lists and exercises. Finally, this course will also allow you to enhance your speaking and listening skills through group work, debates and pair work.

Legal topics dealt with in this course include a general introductory chapter and:

  • La fédéralisation
  • Le droit des obligations
  • Le droit des personnes et le droit familial
  • Le droit pénal
  • Le droit social
  • Le droit communautaire

Grammatical items dealth with include a.o.: les temps du passé, le subjonctif, le conditionnel, le participe présent /v/ le gérondif /v/ l'adjectif verbal

Required prior knowledge

You have a good practical and grammatical command of French (at least level B1 = secondary school level of French). Would you like to test your level? You can complete the online self-test for French to check whether your level matches the level of the course Practical French 3.


There is a final test.

Course materials


The course is extra-curricular, which means that no credits can be given. For the legal language courses, you register online. The course fee should be paid immediately after receiving your payment invitation.

Course book: Weylandt E. (coörd.) - Vandenbulcke L. -  Dams B. (2021): À la découverte du français juridique, Bruxelles: La Charte. ISBN 978-2-87403-611-8

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