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Objectives and content

Advanced and Proficient Practical English share the same objectives and content level. In these courses, different subjects and language aspects are dealt with and these courses can be followed in either order after the Practical English trajectory after level 5 or as a challenging communicatie course to develop your English skills further at a high level.
The courses Advanced Practical English and Proficial Practical English are parallel courses, which means that they cover different topics at the same level and therefore, they can be followed in either order.

  • to train your productive English skills in an interactive classroom environment,
  • to broaden your vocabulary range and become aware of subtle word choices,
  • to fine-tune your grammatical accuracy by practically implementing advanced principles
  • to become a fluent, confident user of the language who feels at ease when talking about diverse topics.
  • Advanced authentic material in a dynamic, interactive environment
  • Challenging vocabulary exercises training lexical awareness
  • Advanced grammar topics in practice
  • Extensive training to strengthen both receptive and productive skills
  • A wide range of speaking and writing exercises

Required prior knowledge

You have advanced knowledge of English:

  • You can fluently participate in spontaneous conversation about concrete and abstract topics.
  • You can participate actively in a discussion and defend your views, even about topics which are not part of your everyday life.
  • You master the basics of the English grammar and make hardly any consistent errors against it.
  • Your vocabulary is extensive, but you wish to enlarge it further.



There is a placement test and a final test.
It is required that you take a brief online test before enrolling. This way, you can assess whether the course Proficient Practical English is suitable for you.
During the first session, the teacher will also test all participants to assess whether the result of the online test can be confirmed. If you are referred to a different level, you can enter that level on condition that sufficient places are still available.
Participants who passed the final test of the course Practical English 5 will also have to take this orientation test to check if their English proficiency suffices. If you passed the course Advanced Practical English, you can automatically register for this course.

Course materials

Course book: De Moor, Tom: Proficient Practical English: On The Road To Perfection, Universiteit Gent en Academia Press, 2020
When you buy this course book at Standaard Boekhandel Shopping Zuid, Woodrow Wilsonplein 4, 9000 Gent (in the campus shop next to the shop), you will receive a discount of 10% on the official price. Make sure to mention that you take a language course at the UCT.

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