Lecturing skills in English

Objectives and content

During eight interactive sessions, this course aims to provide a lower threshold for and greater fluency while teaching in English. Via authentic materials, you will get more in touch with the do's and don'ts of different aspects of teaching, including structuring, dealing with questions, formulating definitions, etc. In addition, the course will also offer you the opportunity to brush up your knowledge of English grammar and to expand your vocabulary.

Every session offers an insight into an aspect of teaching and a related language skill. The participants will become familiar with skills related to teaching in English via authentic materials which they will use for teaching exercises which will be discussed together. This way, general topics will be focussed on, as well as personal challenges. In addition, grammar and academic vocabulary will be dealt with in function of communicative goals and will be practised using different types of speaking exercises.

Required prior knowledge

Good command of English.

Course materials

This course is free and open to professors and doctor-assistants/doctor-scientific researchers. Participants that cancel their registration after the start of the series or follow less than half of the classes, will need to pay their own participation costs (210 euros per person). Participation certificates are only granted after participation in at least half of the classes.

UCT course book. You will receive this book from your teacher in class.


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