The UCT tailors to your needs

You can contact the UCT as well if you have a customized project in mind. Throughout the years, we have built a thorough and comprehensive expertise to guide you wherever you need it.  

Could you use some help writing a text? Would you like to have your text proofread or translated? We offer translations and proofreading from and into English to UGent services. Would you like to submit a text to the UCT? We are happy to consider your text to make an initial analysis of the linguistic quality, the level of technical difficulty and the length. On the basis of these criteria, we determine whether we can proofread your text. Within three working days, we will communicate a non-binding quote, in which the fee and the period of delivery are specified. Are you curious about the work and the reaction of colleagues who have turned to this service of the UCT? You can have a look at some examples and personal experiences here.

Do you need guidance in the context of a project application or would you like to organize a language training that tailors to the needs of the staff members of your company or organization? We can offer coaching as well as customized language courses. Over the years, we have already collaborated on several projects such as coaching candidates for FWO interviews, guiding inaugural lectures given by new members of the professorial staff, organizing a reader-oriented writing course (English/Dutch) for UGent services, etc.

Would you like to collaborate with the UCT in the context of a customized project? Contact us via (contact person: Marijke Lenaerts). We will get in touch with you to discuss the options. We are already looking forward to shape your customized project together!


"Heartfelt thanks for your corrections.
They were very useful."
Joachim Vanwalleghem
"Thank you for your profound work on the article.
We greatly appreciate your efforts!"
Maarten De Waele, Vakgroep Criminologie, Strafrecht en Sociaal Recht
"Heartfelt thanks for the corrected text(s). I have read them through and they show a very thorough and detailed treatment.  Moreover, the proofreader shows an insightful assimilation of the matter. His/Her remarks offer extremely useful tips and suggestions for a further refinement of the text."
Prof.dr.H. Boudrez, Vakgroep Maatschappelijke Gezondheidkunde
“Heartfelt thanks for the quick service. I am very satisfied.”
Jan De Winter, Vakgroep Wijsbegeerte en Moraalwetenschap
"Whole-hearted thanks. I had high expectations but have to say that the feedback I received has exceeded my expectations. The proofreading was really very detailed. I will never have felt so at ease when submitting a manuscript."
An Raes, Vakgroep Experimenteel-klinische en gezondheidspsychologie
"The article arrived even much sooner than I expected! I could send it back yesterday. Thanks for the work done. The language always reads so much better when you went through it."
Elisabeth de Schauwer, Vakgroep Orthopedagogiek
"Heartfelt thanks for the quick service! All is clear and I’m certainly satisfied with the result."
Nele Baudonck

Examples proofreading

  1. Example courtesy Prof. Dr. Guy Vingerhoets, Laboratory of Neuropsychology
  2. Anonymous example, courtesy the author

1. Example courtesy Prof. Dr. Guy Vingerhoets, Laboratory of Neuropsychology

example 1


2. Anonymous example, courtesy the author

example 2


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