Which discounts can I benefit from?

  1. Students and staff members of Ghent University receive a discount. Students receive a discount in the academic year for which they are enrolled at Ghent University. Students with a study grant of the Flemish Community receive an extra discount for foreign language courses (form).
  2. Future students of Ghent University receive a discount for the summer courses they follow prior to their studies at Ghent University. If they are not yet enrolled at Ghent University, they pay the full course fee. They will be refunded after their enrollment at Ghent University and after having sent an email to uct@ugent.be, mentioning their student number.
  3. Outgoing exchange students of Ghent University receive an extra discount for a language course they follow in the academic year of their exchange programme or in the academic year prior to their exchange programme. They follow a course in the language of the country they are visiting. They register for the course and pay the student rate. The additional discount is granted after arrival abroad. Students must upload the Certificate of Stay in Oasis upon arrival in the host country.
  4. Incoming exchange students from partner institutions of Ghent University, students with an exchange programme within the framework of Erasmus+ Traineeships and students enrolled in a joint study programme are also entitled to an extra discount when registering at the UCT. This discount applies to the following Dutch courses: the day courses 'Dutch for speakers of other languages', the evening courses 'Dutch for speakers of other languages' levels 2 to 5 and the evening course 'Dutch for exchange students'. The discount does not apply to the evening course 'Dutch for speakers of other languages level 1'. Enrollment with a discount can only take place after the student has been enrolled at Ghent University.
  5. The City of Ghent pays an important part of the course fee for non-Dutch speaking residents of Ghent who want to follow a day course in Dutch. Students apply for these grants at In-Gent.
  6. The Flemish Community offers highly skilled non-native speakers of Dutch the opportunity to follow the level 1 and 2 day courses of Dutch for free. Course participants are only eligible if they fall under the Flemish integration decree and wish to take Dutch classes as a preparation to academic studies in Dutch. Course participants apply for this scholarship at their agency of integration.
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