How can I pay?

You cannot pay cash. You can read about the possible payment methods here. 

  • By bancontact or credit card at our registration office.
  • By bank transfer
    After your registration, you will receive an email from In the attachment of this email, you will find your invoice, including the payment request. It is important to mention the structured reference when you pay. The processing of bank transfer takes between 3 to 7 working days. 
    Please note that potential banking costs (in case of an international bank transfer) must be paid by the course or test participant.
  • By training cheques
        For employees
    You can only pay by training cheques for employees in the context of a Dutch course for Speakers of Other Languages. More information is available on the website of the Flemish Community.

    Please note that the deadline for payments via training cheques is one working day before the start of the course.
  • By internal payment (for Ghent University staff only)
    - Via internal order form (for payment via a project or a BOF-credit only)
    - Register for a course via OASIS. Afterwards, you make an internal order form in SAP with the following details:
       *Our department number: LW06
       *The item number: 3000033
       *A statement: your name, the course and the course code (bv. EN15) – see course page
        Send this order form to We will then send an internal invoice to your department to make sure that the registration in SAP is in order.
  • Via internal transfer (for a WBS-element or cost centre only)
    Register for a course via OASIS. Afterwards, you send an email to with the following details:  
        The name of the course participant 
        The course code (e.g. EN15, FR02…) – see course page
        The amount due
        The WBS-number and the fund or the cost centre and fund
        The department number
        The internal order (if necessary)
    After we have received your email, we will carry out the internal transfer. 
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