Does my course start with an orientation test?

Almost all of our courses start with an orientation test (except for some courses for beginners). This way we check whether the course of your choice matches your prior knowledge. If this orientation test shows that a different courses matches your prior knowledge better, we will register you for this course because we think it is more suitable for you. In that case, you will receive an email from In the attachment to this mail, you will find a new invoice with the information about your new course. If there is no alternative course available or if you are not interested in the course we propose, you can cancel your registration without cost. The result of this orientation test is binding and valid for the period of one year.
The orientation test for our Foreign Language courses takes place during the first session of the course. The orientation test for our Dutch courses for Speakers of Other Languages takes place before the first session. 
Geslaagd voor OT? (PDF)

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